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About us

Dr Lona Copeland Blake is a multi-talented woman who has excelled in a number of interesting fields. She is a Writer, International Speaker, Founder and Lecturer of the Bethel School of ministry, Senior Pastor of Bethel House of worship, Prophetess operating in a five-fold ministry.

Her ministry was birthed out of her testimony of a near death experience when she was transported to Heaven, saw the celestial City, met with JESUS and also angel.  Spoke of seeing the Glorious  angles guarding the gates of the city but she was not allowed to enter until the entry pass was given. Witten in bold letters above the gate the following sign appeared.


“CELESTIAL CITY YOU MAY ENTER.” Had not that sign appeared or if it had sated: “ CELESTIAL CITY YOU CANNOT ENTER” she wouldn’t be allowed to go in.

There she was handed the supernatural gifts of healing, deliverance and prophecy through which she flows heavily.

Her ministry services are syndicated throughout the globe by major networks: Faith World Television Network UK, TBN UK, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube

Testimonials from scores of people from across the globe whose lives have been transformed and who have received their deliverance and healing through her ministry are amazing.  Her revolutionary approach in presenting the Word of God has de-mystified the Bible, and in so doing, has brought people together in a better understanding of God’s unfailing love for His people.

Dr Copeland-Blake is known for giving accurate prophecies on world major events. At the end of 2019, she gave the prophecy of the strange disease to hit the earth which turned out to be covid19

In her prophecies she spoke of God shutting down the earth and shutting down the church, which we did witness.

She calls this year 2023 the year of death especially of young people, of major disasters to hit the earth  “ LAND MOVEMENTS, TARNADOES’ VOLCANOES”.